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Sisk Family Circus

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Come on in and sit a spell.  Meet the Sisk family--party of five.  Grab yourself a piece of Susie's homemade Red Velvet Cake and a cup of hot coffee and get to know us a bit.  Enjoy!

Meet John, currently working as a stay at home Dad.  Stop in the local grocery store and talk to Susie, the co-manager there.  Say hello to Daniel if you can catch him as he runs track and plays French Horn in the band.  Watch Madeline dance and twirl her baton.  Get some sweet hugs from Malachi, our own personal love bug!

What's New?

02/10/06  Susie built a new web page for the Sisks!  : )
04/08/06  Added Daniel's CYC page
04/09/06  Added Madeline's Libby Lu page
04/17/06  Added S.E.L.T.C. page
02/17/08  Updated website  : )

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.


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